One Day Service!     Just $29!

BONUS! FREE labor to replace fuel pick-up body when we do a valve adjustment service!

If you own one these Stihl models, bring it in and we’ll adjust the valves by the next day!

  • BR550, BR600, BR600 Magnum, or BR130 backpack blower
  • FS90, FS110, or FS130 trimmer
  • KM90, KM110, or KM130 Kombi System

Price $29.00
Very important to do! If you own a Stihl product that has a 4-stroke (4-mix) engine, you should have us adjust the intake and exhaust valves for optimum performance and long product life. LIMITED TIME BONUS! Stihl recommends the fuel pick-up body be replaced once a year. We’ll perform this valuable service for FREE when you have us do your valve adjustment (just buy the low-cost part).