About Us

Our goal is to provide first-class service and top-tier products in a comfortable, professional, small business setting. You will find it is a refreshing way to do business. How can we compete with the giant equipment dealers, national chain rental companies and big box stores?


We have decades of experience and training and know what you are talking about.


It’s nice that our customers become our friends! We have a relaxed, enjoyable environment that makes anyone comfortable. All of our employees have worked here for years! As a customer, you will recogonize that we all enjoy our jobs. And that makes it pleasant for you.


We believe our customers can look us in the eye and know we are shooting straight. We stand behind what we say. No layers of management to filter through. We’ve been in business since 1999.


We don’t use voicemail, automated phone options, uninterested staff, or anything else that hinders personal contact.


Time is money. A competitor with a $20 cheaper price who is late with a delivery to a work crew just cost a contractor a lot, or inconvenienced a homeowner who has his day planned. And if you are calling for the boss to get information, you look better if you can get prompt, accurate details from us.


We love working with you to try to find the most cost-effective solution for what you need.

Top-tier, advanced equipment and supplies. Speaks for itself.

Cost effective

We not only have equipment experience, but also have the business expertise to smartly run our business. The result: stability that comes with profitability, and efficiencies that allow us to very competitively offer our products and services.


We fully support everything we sell or rent. It’s the opposite of “now you’re on your own, Jack!”

Modern and convenient

Facilities – service tooling – equipment fleet – supplies – financing: “nothing but the best” – right here!

Professional and friendly.

People do business with people they like doing business with. We work hard and have a professional reputation. Add an advanced product line, full service capabilities, sales, rental, and finance specialists – you’ll want to do business with us!

Our promise: “We promise to personally do our best to do the right thing, the right way, the first time, every time, on time – to make your life easier!” –Tim Mathews, owner